Advanced Mindfulness Practice

This 10-week course builds upon what was learned in our Mindful Living Courses and provides detailed instruction on concentration (samadhi) and mindfulness (sati) practice as well as learning skills to work through the common obstacles we block our progress along the path to Joy and Equanimity.

The curriculum is based on the teachings presented in the book, The Mind Illuminated,  written by John Yates a  meditation teacher for 40 years and  professor of physiology, neuroscience and complementary medicine. This highly reviewed book and meditation system provides and extraordinarily clear and detailed map of the path to Mindfulness, Joy and Equanimity.

You will learn skills to help you work through such difficulties as distraction (both subtle and gross), techniques to work with sleepiness and anxious mental states, learn to increase continuity of attention and reduce mind wandering and much more.

This Mindfulness training will help you see that when you resist life, by either grasping onto pleasant experiences or pushing away unpleasant experiences, you create stress and suffering.  You learn that by being mindfully present in your everyday life you can ride the ups and downs we all encounter and relate to them with less stress, fear or anger.

What you learn:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to mindfulness, essential values and intentions
  • Week 2 – Models of mind and objectives of meditation
  • Week 3– Stage 1 – Establishing a Daily Practice by connecting to our motivation to practice
  • Week 4 – The hindrances and challenges in practice
  • Week 5 – Stage 2 – Interrupted Continuity of Attention. Working with mind wandering.
  • Week 6 – Stage 3 – Extended Continuity of Attention. Mind wandering dramatically reduces.
  • Week 7 – How Mindfulness works with our unconscious mind
  • Week 8 – Continuous Attention and Overcoming Gross Distraction and Strong Dullness
  • Week 9 – Moments of Consciousness Model
  • Week 10 – Overcoming Subtle Dullness and Increasing Mindfulness

Registration fee $270, Book Mind Illuminated, handouts and on-line resources.  For additional information email:  [email protected] or call Eric @ 269-254-0771.

To register click on Pay with Card Button below corresponding to the date you want to take the course.

Time and Date TBA, 7-9 pm, includes Saturday retreat, 9:30-3:30 pm.  Meets at Kazoo Books, 2413 Parkview Avenue, Kalamazoo. Click on Pay with Card Button below.  Tuition $270.

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