Workshop: Introduction to Mindfulness Practice

Introductory workshop to Mindfulness will teach you the essential mindfulness skills for daily life, helping you to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and improve emotional and physical balance, interpersonal harmony and overall sense of well-being.

Benefits of mindfulness practice:

  • Experience less stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Have improved sleep
  • Improved pain management
  • Are less reactive and can more easily respond to challenges
  • Experience more joy and contentment
  • Improve attention and less distractable

Workshop objectives:

  • Mindfulness defined
  • Mindfulness benefits
  • The emotional brain and sustainable happiness
  • Shifting from habitual reactivity to wise response
  • Working through difficult emotions
  • 3-Step Breathing Space
  • Sustaining your practice
  • Course fee can be applied toward any 9-week mindfulness course over t

Next Workshop TBA. 9 am-12:30 pm