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Tired of being self-critical and judgmental?

The 8-week Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living class supports the development and training of (self-) compassion to enhance physical, emotional and relational health and well-being. It is grounded in science and integrates the research of  Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindful Self-Compassion and Compassion Focused Mental Health.

The training can be particularly supportive for individuals suffering from shame and self-criticism, social isolation, depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain or illness. It was originally developed in the mental health setting but the scope of its application extends much further. It can be helpful to anyone – care-seeker or care-giver – wishing to deepen mindfulness with ‘heartfulness’.

Exercises include in course:

Soothing breathing rhythm, compassionate imagery (safe place, compassionate companion, embodying compassion); compassionately relating to resistance, desire and inner patterns; loving kindness towards ourselves and others; compassionate breathing; a compassionate bodyscan; walking and moving with kindness; compassionate letter writing; practicing sympathetic joy, gratitude, forgiveness and equanimity; informal practices in daily life.

During the course, relevant scientific insights underpinning compassion training will be interwoven in the teaching.

Course learning objectives:

Week 1 – Our brain is wired to survive not thrive

Week 2 – Embracing our inner demons: from threat to self-compassion

Week 3 – Treating habits kindly: untangling desires and patterns

Week 4- Out of the mud and into the light: embodying compassion

Week 5 – Receiving and giving: practicing self and other compassion

Week 6 – Making friends for life: growing happiness

Week 7 – Heartful mind, mindful heart: weaving wisdom and compassion into daily life

Week 8 – Healing Life: living with heart

Registration $265.  Includes workbook, guided practices and on-line resources. If you have questions contact Eric Nelson @  1-269-254-0771 or email [email protected]



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