“Your 8-week mindfulness course motivated me to begin a daily meditation practice.  This has been a long-term goal for me and I am really experiencing the positive impact in my daily life.”  Retiree/Community Volunteer

“My ability to listen to others and speak more authentically really improved.  I don’t get distracted as easily and I stay on task.” Manager

“I still experience pain but now I don’t resist it so much.  This helps to reduce and even eliminate my pain”–Chronic pain sufferer

“I am much calmer and peaceful.  When I notice myself getting anxious I pay attention to where I feel the anxiety in my body and this usually helps to calm my thoughts which helps me relax.” Retiree

“I learned to notice when I take on the suffering of my students in an unhealthy way…now I can be with unpleasant emotions without pushing my students away which helps me to better serve my students”—Teacher